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Grocery List, Inventory and new Recipes - The perfect Cuisine Assistant !

3.5 Food Assistant
The All You Need Food app is your culinary assistant at your fingertips. By combining their respective characteristics, the app brings a variety of experiences under one roof. It includes a database of recipes and ingredients, making it simple to create a shopping list of what you need to buy at the store. It has a section similar to your "favourites" where you can keep track of the items you use the most and add new ones. When you add a new item to your shopping list, the app will also show you a current list of the items you have in stock. You can keep track of what is currently in your refrigerator and adjust your shopping list accordingly. The All You Need Food app includes a plethora of recipes, ensuring that you will never be at a loss for what to prepare for your guests. The program's pro edition grants you access to five different recipe collections, including Breakfast, Classic, Corsican, and Diet, allowing you to experiment with new flavours and broaden your culinary knowledge. You can personalise your app and use it in both the French and English language versions. Features: - Offers a plethora of Recipes from Classic, Corsican, and Diet Recipes - Customisable App Categories and Inventory Section - Customisable Grocery List - Free of Advertisement - 5 Recipe Packages - Available in French and English Translation
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Do you love food and good cuisine? So do we!

Handling your Grocery List, managing your Inventory and providing delicious Recipes is All You Need to enjoy cuisine! All these features are working together at your fingertip in the All You Need is Food mobile app to help you in your everyday activities and create the perfect Cuisine Assistant to discover and enjoy new taste and flavour:

- Grocery List:

Your fridge is empty? You can easily create a Grocery List by adding ingredients from our database of hundreds of items. Keep track of your most selected items in dedicated “favourite” area or even create new ones to never forget anything!

- Inventory:

Each ingredient added from your Grocery List will directly be added to your Inventory. From there you can add or delete any items to always know, wherever you are, the content of your fridge and cupboards!

- Recipes:

Choose among a large selection of Recipes to never be out of ideas!
You can easily plan your next meal on the go by selecting a Recipe and its ingredients will directly be added to your Grocery List!
You can also check out what Recipes are available to you right now with your current Inventory and selecting one of these Recipes will remove the necessary ingredients from your Inventory to always be up to date!

If you enjoy this content and functionality, upgrade to the Pro version directly from the app!

Advantages of the Pro Version:
- No Adds
- 5 Recipe Packages ("Snack and Drink", "Breakfast", "Classic", "Corsican" and "Diet") instead of 2 ("Snack and Drink" and "Classic") to enjoy new recipes and diversify your cuisine.
- Possibility of adding new Recipe Packages (soon to be released…)


Available in both French and English. The default language can be changed at any point in the Options while conserving your data (Grocery List, Inventory, Entries, Favorites,….)

Food Assistant

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